Sunday, November 15, 2009

Full of Weekend Birthday Cakes

last weekend, my schedule was tight..i have lots of birthday cake order to fullfill and also chocolate orders to be delivered by this was supposed to be a relax and enjoyable but i have a last minute birthday cake order which made it a bit "kelam-kabut" to organise my time. I have planned days earlier what to do but since there was a last minute order, (nak tolak kesian pulak) this is how the last minute order cake turn out to be..

i'm a bit dissapointed how it turn out. but i had try my best to do this cake..please mind the quality of the photo..nak cepat punya pasal nak gi hantar lagi, i only manage to grab my hp and not my camera..

plus, i also received a blueberry cheesecake order..but, since it was a last minute order too, i forgot to take photo...sorry..

this was a birthday cake that i have been waiting and wanting to do...Novelty cake: Snow White in the Garden(purple). The cake is strawberry cake. it was quite late i received this order but still a week away..I would usually prefer if customer order this type of cake 2/3 weeks in advance but still i manage to find the castle(setelah puas mencari) but snow white doll i just used edible image. i really hope they like the cake and for Aira, Happy Birthday from Applegreenskitchen.

another Novelty cake: Snow Garden..

Novelty cake serupa ini merupakan speciality saya..If you would like to have these kind of cake for your birthday or any occasion , please call to order. I would prefer 2/3 weeks order in advance, then i can find more & better ideas for the cake.....

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  1. the cake is so pretty la kak long (kawan baik irni<--rina)

    would definitely order from you for my kids next bday!