Sunday, April 28, 2013


Dear all..
Kindly be inform that we are close from 28/4/2013 until 19/5/2013... No orders are available on these days...However, enquiry about classes and orders for pick up after 20/5/2013 are welcome thru PM and watssup and sms...sorry for any inconvinent caused...thank u...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Class Chef Ammar

chef Ammar AL Ali next coming class is 28/4/2012 (x banyak kosong lagi)
29/4 and 30/4 (byk lg kosong)

1) Lamb Mandi
2) Mandi Rice
3) Salsa Fresh Tomatos and Chilli Api
4) Baklava with Nuts with Honey Rose Water

add : 3-16 Jalan USJ Sentral 3
USJ Sentral Persiaran
Subang Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan
47600 Subang Jaya Selangor Malaysia ( temp senang je kat mydin subang jaya..)

fee : rm180 .promosi tuk bulan ni saja...dan menu bertukar setiap bulan cepat sebelum terlambat... :)
jk berminat pls sms or call 0193766414 or pm me ya thru FB...
p/s yg bertanya tadi i dah tag..please take note!!!. utk nasi mandi these are the date... next month fee lain and menu class pun lain!!

middle east cuisine from our kitchen!!

mandi lamb and mandi rice


 saturday 20/4/2013 i mention that i pi belajar middle east cuisine? jom2 layan pictures yg diambik during class... Nasi Mandi Kambing, salsa and bavlava...yg best adalah part fav of all....
i LOVE baklava....mmg suka sgt mkn baklava walaupun sgt2 manis....happy sebab finally i am confident to make baklava on my own..and off course, i learned from the expert and among the best chef in malaysia..a famous Chef Ammar Al-Ali FC (Chef Ammar AL Ali) trademark beliau "masak dari hati masak with Iman"...
yg penting selain resepi, lots of tips and techniques yg beliau ajarkan dlm kelas (yg x de dlm google)!! ..and the most important part of all.....from all my GREAT SIFU/ CHEFS that had thought me, He was the ONLY CHEF yg mampu ajar 4 types of food/resepi in 1 1/2 hr = 90min!! fuh!! masak kambing dlm 1 jam 30min shj? ada bran? i salute his proper time management... actually nilah rahsia sy terpenting how i manage to deco 10 bj kek and at the same time completed my other orders last sat dlm masa 4jam shj...TIME MANAGEMENT... and how i keep up on all my orders despite my busy schedule and life routine...wink3x...
nasi mandi was super duper delicious...kalah SOHO even zam zam rastaurant...
walaupun x makan daging kambing, but i can see the meat texture was tender, moist and juicy..x perlu mkn daging kambing, tasting the soup was

already enough for me to tell you that it was delicious...baklava?? i can't stop eating this dessert...nilah middle east dessert yg i PALING SUKA...
insyallah i won't miss his next coming class...wink3x.

class chef ammar